Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Spoke Too Soon

I spoke too soon about not having a doctor's visit for more months, but I'll get to that in a second.

Konnor had a great first day at school! He loved every minute! He went into his classroom, found his desk and sat down to start the morning work that was on the desk. He is such a big boy! He talked on and on about his day, he loves his new school. My brother picked him up from school and after work I picked up Yunnie. We then met to take the kids out for ice cream as a celebration of their first day of school/daycare.

Regan headed to daycare and loved that she had her own backpack. It is on wheels and she enjoyed walking to her classroom pulling her backpack. She is so cute! On Regan's first day, the teacher said she cried just a little when she had to sit down for lunch. She also had difficulty sleeping (go figure!) and Ms. Vivian rocked her to sleep. When I picked her up, she wasn't crying and she waved and said good-bye to Ms. Vivian and Ms. Tammy (the assistant). The only bad part of her day was that she got scratched on the face by one of her classmates. It broke the skin and had bled so when I got home I called the doctor. I asked them to call in another prescription for her topical antibiotic so that I could leave it at the daycare. The nurse talked to Dr. MacKoul who said she wanted Regan to come in so that she could look at her scratch and see if she needed antibiotics. I didn't think we'd be going to the doctor over a scratch, but I'm glad Dr. MacKoul doesn't blow these things off.

We got to the office around 6:30 and got right back in the room. Dr. MacKoul looked at the scratch and said with her history she wasn't taking any chances she could get another infection and she was prescribing oral and topical antibiotics. I knew when she went into daycare we were going to have to worry about dirty fingernail scratches and dirty mouths biting, I just didn't think it would be on the first day!

Dr. MacKoul is awesome! I have a friend who has medical concerns with her newly adopted daughter and her doctor keeps blowing off her concerns and won't do anything about them. I am so glad that Dr. MacKoul isn't like that. I know the daycare doesn't understand why she has to have prescription antibiotics for a small scratch, but they don't understand how sick she was. There is always the fear that another skin wound will cause another flare up of the infection. I'm just now in the habit of everynight looking for scratches and bug bites and putting on the antiobiotic. It is just routine. Today, the daycare was very good about her antibiotics and her face was covered with it when I picked her up!

Today when I picked up Regan she didn't want to leave! They were blowing bubbles and she was having a blast. I thought for sure she would have such a problem with daycare, but knock on wood, she seems to really be enjoying the last two days. She waves bye to the playground when we leave and laughs and points and makes sure I "shee" it. I hope her enjoyment continues!


Anna said...

I didn't realize that you still had to be so careful! I'm glad to hear that she is fine and enjoying daycare. Like I said before, Molly loves it and screams as we approach the school "I going to play with new friends!!" She is changing schools soon and will go to a Montessori school, so I hope she likes that one as much as she loves her current school!

Tricia said...

Regan is so brave...Maia cried every day for a week, but now she LOVES school too.