Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Great Week!

I got into Mommy's eyeliner, don't I look wonderful! I do have to say, I love this picture of her eyes, aren't they gorgeous!!!

Posing at the fair!

Didn't I do a great job decorating!!

The last week has been loads of fun. And I mean it for real!

Last Sunday, we went to the park with friends of mine to allow the kids to play together. It was nice to hang out together and socialize.

On Wednesday, Regan had her gymnastics class and she did so well! She behaved so well, waited her turn nicely and hung out with a woman who is 8 1/2 months pregnant. I don't know why that particular woman was who she wanted to hang out with, but she wanted that lady to hold her the entire time. Luckily, this woman's husband helped their little girl with gymnastics as Regan had her occupied. I kept offering to take Regan because I didn't want to impose, but she politely refused and seemed to enjoy having Regan so taken with her!

Regan's language is also blossoming this week. She now refers to herself as "Doodle" (one of her nicknames) and when asked her name, that is what she wants to be called. Too cute! Her new words include: shower, efent (elephant), horsey, buck up (buckle up), corn (for corn or popcorn), Nessa (her friend Vanessa), gross, big gurls (underwear), watch (for a wrist watch), side (outside), Dondul (the cat, Donald), fun, let's ride, I want ride, I go now, and many more! She "talks" all the time (and loudly! we are working on inside voice), but now I am understanding more words in all her "talk". She understands stuff I never thought she would! I have to keep that in mind when I am talking. She copied her first bad word last week and I am ashamed to say it, but she copied it from me :( Luckily, it appears she is only going to repeat it that one time. Whew!

Oh, and she can count to four! I am so proud!

Yesterday, we headed to the County Fair. My mom had bought my nephew and me armbands so that we could ride the rides. Thank goodness because the ride tickets were a small fortune. Konnor is becoming quite the rider and he was thrilled he had a ride buddy. I will ride just about anything, and I was impressed with all the rides he would ride. As long as it didn't go upside down he was okay with it. I was also pleased because all the carnies let Regan go on rides without tickets. As long as I rode with her they let her on the little rides. She was so excited that she actually got to ride some rides because she used to cry when I would ride with Konnor. She is becoming much more adventurous and rode the flying elephants, the giant slide x5 times, the School Bus that goes way up in the air, and a fun house climbing thing. Konnor did ride The Zipper with me, going against his own upside down rule, and I thought he was going to have a meltdown, but he held it together! That one was scary for me too because if I hadn't held on to him during one spin, he would have hit the roof with his head. We are not going to be riding that one again, too unsafe. I bought him popcorn and we rode the Super Himilaya one more time since he was such a good sport! All in all, we counted them up and we rode at least 30 rides (not 30 different rides, because some we repeated, but we rode 30 times). Two $20 armbands got their money's worth! It was good for Konnor, because he sometimes has a hard time with being the oldest and not getting as much attention. Sometimes it pays off to be the oldest!

The video link for The Zipper is not mine, but one I got off of YouTube.
More great news is that they offered us PTs and the Occupational Therapists the chance to become employees. They have 10 slots open. I went for it....and became an offical employee on Friday! I have an initial paycut for the first few years, but my health insurance is $450 cheaper a month. I also got three sick days starting immediately. In the fall I get 7 more! Just the ability to have 10 sick days a year is amazing! No more contract work for me! Benefits are a beautiful thing.
Today is my mom's birthday and Doodle and I made her Rice Krispie treats. We decorated them with pre-made decorations......unfortunately, only about half of them ended up on The Treats. The rest were shoved into Doodle's mouth. Then I had to deal with post-decoration sugar high!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My New Hobby

After this post and this post, I decided to start a new hobby. I love doing little girls' hair (if only Regan would sit still for more styles!) and I love all the hair ribbons I see people making. So, I decided to try it myself. These are what I came up with last night :

Not perfect, seeing as how I got the ends uneven on the top bow, but it was fun to do! I had no idea you can curl ribbon by baking it.....I did have a picture of the ribbon baking, but when I saw my oven in the picture, I realized I need to clean it!! All in all, it took me about 30 minutes to do all three. I see some Christmas presents in Regan's future!!