Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Better

A picture from a year ago, hasn't she grown!!

As a sequel to my earlier post , the saga continues.

After trying to get the water pressure tank on the house, I couldn't get it done. I called my brother the next day and he helped me put it on. I happily go into the house to turn my water on water. I am totally bummed and over the whole thing by now. After three trips to Home Depot, we have replaced the switchy thing and still nothing. My brother calls about 5 different plumbers and nobody can seem to come out to help even though they are on 24 hour call. I guess the rule is, they are open 24 hours but don't expect any help until the next day about mid day.

I had gotten a phone call from Regan's daycare that she is running a high temperature and so she is not allowed to come back to school on Thursday. Great.

On Thursday morning, I have a sick child and my brother comes over in the morning to help me deal with plumbers. After spending an entire day messing with them, they determine it is my pump that isn't working. The pump that is located about 100 feet underground. Not something I feel that I can even begin to do on my own. Lucky for me, they will fix it for the amount of $1295.oo. Oh, and they were very pleased to tell me that they accept credit cards. Isn't that generous of them?!?! What do I do at that point? I have got to have running water in the house. After they make the diagnosis and shock me into a stroke with the price tag, they have my water running about two hours later. I am obviously in the wrong business, that amounts to $647.50 an hour. It must be nice. Not sure how I'm going to dig myself out of the debt hole I have crawled into in the past year.

I go inside to enjoy water taps that actually have water coming out of them and I get a phone call from my mortgage company. They had the great news that I didn't pay my mortgage last month. I nicely explain to them that I did pay my mortgage last month, I do it online through my bank. We get disconnected in the middle of the conversation and I use that time to go check online to prove to them they were wrong. I still can not believe what a moronic thing I did. I paid two bills online last month through my bank. A credit card bill and my mortgage. I did the most genius thing of accidently switching the amounts so that my mortgage company got paid $200 and my credit card company got my mortgage payment. Ughhhh! Now I owe two months worth of payment on my mortgage. Not quite sure how I am going to come up with the cash for that one. They also reiterated some news that I had gotten in a lovely letter a couple of weeks ago. That lovely letter told me that with rising taxes, my escrow account is low and if I don't want my mortgage payment to go up $500 a month, I can pay them upfront $1900.00 and then my mortgage payment is only going up by $100 a month.

I think I need to start playing the lottery.

Today, I am home again with my sick little one because she can't quite kick the horrible cough and high temperature that everyone seems to be getting. Did I ever mention I am a contract employee and if I don't work, I don't get paid?!?!? Well, Regan and I are enjoying watching America's Next Top Model and eating popcorn when the chair slips out from underneath her and she nosedives into the coffee table. Even now, when I think of the sound it made it still makes me sick to my stomach. Her nose gushes blood for a minute or two and slows down to an ooze that allows me time to call the doctor. They take a message and tell me the nurse will call me back. About 15 minutes later, Regan and I are in the bathroom and I am trying to clean her up when the phone rings. I had left the phone in the living room so I run out to answer the phone when that person hangs up. I am walking back to the bathroom when I hear more screaming. I run to find that Regan had slammed her fingers in the door.

It gets even better! After I get her loved up on so that she calms down, the phone rings again and it is our favorite nurse, Betsy. After getting a history and finding out what happened, she and I decide I'll watch her for a couple of hours and if she shows signs of decreased awareness, etc, I'll bring her in that afternoon. As I am talking on the phone with Betsy, Regan is rocking the cat in her little rocking chair. The cat decides she has had enough of that and she jumps out of the chair. This takes Regan by surprise and she lets go of the chair only to have the back of it go slamming into her face.

Oh, what a couple of weeks! I really could do without all the drama!!


fondue for five said...

I know how you can make some money...start your own reality TV show! You can't make this stuff up! I'd say we should make a date to bring the kids to the park, but I'm a little afraid to hang out with you. Let me know if you need anything :)


Anonymous said...

This is just too much! I don't mean to giggle at your misfortune, but damn, no one could have worse luck right now! It all started with those baby rats!! As far as the money things go...I'm right next to you, probably more like leading the way...hang in there!