Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Little Yoda

Recently, Regan has started talking like Yoda. She mixes her words up a little bit and says things backwards. For instance,

I want bread more. (I want more bread)

I've got a butt on my belly. (I have a belly button)

I like rainbow pretty. ( I like the pretty rainbow)

I want off shoes. (I want my shoes off)

Etc, Etc, she has some really good ones that I"ll have to write down because they are hilarious, but I'm too tired to think of them right now!!

She also likes to see things from a different viewpoint. For instance, a conversation we have a thousand times a day goes a little something like this:

Regan and I in a store with Regan touching EVERYTHING even though she knows she isn't supposed to touch:

Me: Regan, are you supposed to be touching?
Regan: No
Me: Then why are you touching the (insert word here, example: brush, toy, food, etc)
Regan: I'm not touching, I wooking.
Me: No, you are touching not looking, there is a difference.
Regan: I wooking with my singers. (I'm looking with my fingers) See, mommy, I smile.

She then will cock her head to the side and give a big smile because she thinks that will get her anything she wants and I do have to admit it is really cute. Doesn't smiling at your mommy negate any wrong doing that just occurred?

And then there are the times that I should really take a good look in the mirror. I told Regan to get ready to go to Framma's house as we were going to my mom's house for dinner. She came out with this get up:

Dirty pajama top, obnoxious pink shorts, bracelet, a Barbie watch, and her new favorite shoes: blue plaid with heels. As I am taking her picture and inwardly laughing at how ridiculous Regan's get up looks, I happen to glance down at my own outfit. I think Regan got her fashion sense from her mommy as I was wearing Tinkerbell lounge pants in the same obnoxious pink as Regan's shorts, an old tourist shirt with cat heads on the front and cat butts on the back, tennis shoes with socks that have pom poms on the back, and my hair was in a pony tail that I didn't actually use a brush to create, but just used my fingers. And the scariest part of all: no make up. I then got the wonderful idea to walk to my mom's house as I certainly could use the exercise. I briefly thought about changing, but was just too lazy to do so. I paid dearly for my laziness as I ran into two different neighbors that wanted to chit chat. I guess that is what I get for laughing at my daughter and her lack of fashion sense. Unfortunately, I am with it enough to realize it is much more acceptable for a two year old to go out in public wearing this get up of questionable taste then it is for a woman of my advanced years!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting Ahead of Myself

Tonight as I was sitting on the couch working on a craft project, I patted myself on the back and congratulated myself on how well Regan has been going to bed. As I'm sure I have made very clear, getting Regan to go to sleep is not always easy. For the past couple of weeks, I have been putting a baby gate up in the door so that she can't get out, the dogs can't get in and wake her up, and I can get the door almost closed so that it is very dark and quiet.

Anyway, back to the story. Regan had been in bed for about an hour. She will sing and count and talk to herself until she is sleeping. When all was quiet in the room, I assumed that in record time she had gone to sleep. Ha ha ha, I laugh at that now! Enjoying the quiet, I sat on the couch pleased as punch that my brilliant gate idea was working out so well. Fewer tears, quicker wake to sleep times, you get the picture. So, I"m sitting pleased as can be with myself and with Regan until this comes to the door and asks me for a kleenex because she was a little "messy":

Obviously, as I was patting myself on the back, Regan was busy getting into a few things. The most obvious is that she opened up a box of Desitin and proceeded to put her "lotion" all over her leg. She then emptied an entire box of kleenex trying to get herself clean. She also removed her pull up and undressed herself and then redressed herself. So, I have a dilemma....should I be upset that my plan isn't working and that my child obviously wasn't doing as she knows she is supposed to do? I ignore this whole situation given the fact that:

1. She was working on her fine motor skills opening up a box and popping open the lid of the Desitin.

2. She was exploring some sensory integration activities as she spread the "lotion" as she calls it over her body, but this obviously backfired as she hated the mess on her hands.

3. She practiced some functional skills of dressing and undressing although she needs a little work as the shirt is on inside out and the shorts were on backwards (and on a side note, 9.9 times out of 10 this is always the case: shoes on the wrong foot and underwear and shorts on backwards)

4. She put the empty kleenex box in the trash (we've been working on cleaning up) after she emptied out all 200+ sheets of kleenex (which somehow did not make it into the trash, but were strewn like confetti all over the bed)

5. Marvel over the fact that she did this in complete darkness and completely out of character, did this in silence. I wasn't sure she knew what being quiet meant, but obviously when it works to her advantage she does know the concept of being quiet.

In the end, it was late and I couldn't face the dilemma. I got her cleaned up and put her to back to bed where she promptly fell asleep, obviously exhausted from all of her activities.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Below is what happens when mommy is on the back porch letting the dogs outside. As you can tell, she is back to naked mode and doesn't everybody see an ironing board and think it is a great place to have a snack and watch tv? She's just lucky I had already moved the iron as she knows it is an absolute no no to touch. I think judging by the destruction of the purple chair laying on it's side that she used the chair as a step up to the ironing board, but I'm not exactly sure how she got up there. Everytime I turned around she was back up there, so finally it had to come down:)

We have had a busy couple of weeks! A couple of weeks ago, Regan went to her first birthday party. Olivia had a wonderful 3rd birthday party, and Regan had a great time! Thank you Carolyn!

The week before the birthday bash, we took Regan and Konnor to Sunsplash. They were offering a buy one get one of lesser value free deal and we really lucked out getting an awesome cashier! The cashier saw that it was my mom, me and Regan getting in and she worked us a deal that we paid 11 dollars for all three of us!

Last weekend, Regan, Konnor, my mom, brother and I took advantage of the offering of free admission to the Miami MetroZoo. Thanks to Smithsonian Magazine, they were offering free admission to many zoos, aquariums, and museums across the US. I thought there had to be a catch, but there wasn't one and we handed in our printed off admission card and waltzed right in! Regan loved seeing the animals and loved that she got to see many types of snakes and turtles. She is absolutely fascinated with snakes, turtles, and dinosaurs. My favorite part was seeing a baby Joey popping out (very slightly) from his mama's pouch. The day was beautiful and we had an awesome time. We packed a picnic lunch and loved eating in our sandwiches in the beautiful weather. We originally were going to head to Orlando to the Orlando Science Museum, but decided at the last minute that it was probably too mature for Regan. I'm glad we made the decision we did as Regan had a great time! There are more pictures in my previous post.

Given how scary our economy is right now, I appreciate all the good deals we can find! For those of you wanting to save a little money on groceries, I'll share my big deals of the week!
  • Publix has eggs on sale for $1.39. Print off the Food Lion coupon from here and pay 39 cents for a dozen eggs. Publix accepts competitor's coupons, but they do not accept Target coupons.

  • Publix also has BOGO free on Betty Crocker potatoes: Click here to get $.40 cents off each box. You can print two (just hit your back button until your printer prints again), making the potatoes $.50 a box!

  • Publix has Uncle Bens Boil in the Bag Rice on BOGO. Print coupon here for $1 off 2 boxes to make the final price $.79 a box!

  • Knorr sides are BOGO at Publix also. In the Sunday (or the free Cape Life) newspaper a couple of weeks ago, there were coupons for $.75 off 2 boxes. Makes the final total $.39 cents a bag!

  • CVS had Cover Girl Foundation for $5.79 and you got back $5.79 in ECBs and so it was free.

  • CVS also had Gillette Fusion razors for $9.99, get $5 in ECBs back. The paper had a $4 off coupon, making the razor $.99.

I could go on and on, but I won't bore everybody! I'm telling you though, it absolutely is worth the time it takes to organize coupons as I save on average about $15 dollars a week on groceries. With Christmas coming, deals like the razor from CVS are great stocking stuffers. I also save time by following about 4 blogs that match up all coupons to the current store ads. They do the work for me and it makes it very easy!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008