Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just Stuff

I had to post more pics from Disney, because I love the only one that we were able to get with a character without Regan crying. She was sleeping. Right now, she is shaking it to the music of JoJo's Circus.

Regan's new accomplishments this week are as follows:

1. She can call Daisy the dog. "DayDay"

2. She now will say "what!" in response to be asked a question.

3. She LOVES the phone and pretends to talk on it, saying "hello", "bye", "what", "ouch", and yoidee yoidee yo. The yoidee yoidee yo is actually quite a popular saying that comes out of Yunnie's mouth. I have yet to figure out if it means anything. Well, it obviously means something to Regan because if you say it back with a lot of gibberish she smiles, nods, and laughs. I also have to confess that I have to eat my own words. When I used to watch Konnor, I wouldn't let him play with the phone telling him that it wasn't a toy. I used to think he should know the boundaries between play toys and serious things. I have now learned that when your baby is being somewhat noisy in a place where it isn't really appreciated, you will give them anything to get them to hush up. The cell phone has now been used as a hush up toy.

4. Regan loves to yell. We are working on, "shhh, we don't yell". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Usually, I put her somewhere and walk away and she will usually stop when she realizes that yelling isn't getting her the attention she wants. Thank goodness these spells only occur once or so a week. But, Murphy's Law, it is usually somewhere like the library.

5. She laughs all the time. What is funnier is when she cracks herself up! She will think she is so clever and will laugh and laugh at her own cleverness. Unfortunately for me, her cleverness is usually doing something she knows she is not supposed to be doing (like table dancing).

Regan went and had her final (we hope) bloodwork done. I had to get it done so she could finish her immunizations. Luckily, they got her on the first stick (which has never happened before). We met a lovely lady in the waiting room who wanted to know all about Regan and paid attention to Konnor. I sometimes don't feel the need to talk to everyone about Regan, but this woman was asking questions out of sincere interest and so I don't mind. I knew we would attract attention when we went out in public, but it still surprises me sometimes at how much attention we draw. It seems to come and go in spurts. Somedays, there is no extra attention and others we get quite a bit. Sometimes, I don't really focus on anyone because I don't feel like answering questions. I know it seems rude, but when you have about 10 minutes to get into and out of a store, you don't have 20 minutes to chit chat.

The second picture is of Regan taking a break from our second job. When Regan came out of the hospital, I had to get a second job. The hospital and medical costs combined with the extra time off I had to take because of her being sick took its toll on my bank account! In the past, I worked home health. Lee Memorial closed their pediatric home health division and so if I wanted to go back to work home health I would have to work adults. I would also have to find baby sitting and would not be able to see Regan as much. I decided to work a less paying job, but one that would allow me to be somewhat flexible with hours and be able to see Regan. I deliver papers. Not glamourous or fun, but you do what you have to do.

Joel and I have decided to end our engagement and the relationship. It was a hard decision that has been coming for quite awhile. Regan deserves to have a father who is 100% committed to her. It was a very difficult decision and I will miss Allison and Elizabeth terribly.

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