Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What a week!!!

This post is actually from last week, I just never got around to posting it. I also am having difficulty with the spacing on this blog. I seperate into paragraphs and yet it crams it all together when I publish the blog. I don't know. Sorry for the hard read!

Friday night, my mom, Konnor and I went out for Chinese food at one of the buffets. We went to the restaurant where we have gone several times. One of the young servers loves Yunnie and she has been there everytime we go to eat. Friday, we were not sat in her section but she saw us come in and she waved. She later stopped by our table during dinner to say "hi" to Yunnie. She is so nice and it is amazing that she remembers Yunnie and always wants to come up and say hello. She even remembers what province she is from. I would love to talk to her more, but because of the language barrier, it is difficult to hold a conversation. We spend the time nodding and smiling and she tries to get Regan to play with her. I don't know why she likes Regan so much, Regan usually doesn't give her the time of day and wants to eat or hide her head in my shoulder. A very nice young lady and it is a pleasure to see that she enjoys Regan.
Saturday, we took Regan and Konnor to Lakes Park. They have a little water play area there. I thought for sure that Regan would hate it, but thought she needed to be exposed to new situations. Well, she proved me wrong! She loved every minute of it. She was fascinated by this big stork that opened its mouth and would dump a ton of water onto the ground. Most of the pictures are of her looking up at the water coming down. She also wanted to keep joining the big kids and loved interacting with all the kids playing. Two little girls, who were about 2 1/2 years old kept trying to get her to come with them. She thought they were hilarious.
On Sunday, we went to church where she indulged her new fascination with dogs. To the dismay of Tiki, Yunnie has now decided that she loves dogs and follows them around and tries to pet them, pull on their legs or ears, and kiss them. Daisy puts up with it because Regan is her biggest food provider. She stations herself under the highchair for any flying articles of food. Yunnie has also been see on many occassions passing food to them under the table. Anyway, there is a seeing eye service dog who attends our church. For the first time, Regan wanted to go up to see the doggie. She stared at him for several minutes and sat very close to him, but didn't pet him.
Tuesday was her doctor's appointment. Her immune system results have not come back from the lab, so she didn't get all her immunizations. She weighs 19.5 lbs and is 31 inches long. She lost half a pound and I thought Dr. Jones would be lecturing us, but he said she looks healthy and so even though she does not register on the American growth charts for weight, he is not worried. His exact words were, "Look at her thighs, I'm not worried". I think she is a big girl and so I have no concerns. She eats like a horse but never, ever stops moving. She is very active and burns alot of calories. Dr. Jones had wanted to adopt a little girl from China and so he seems very taken with Regan. The fact that we saw him almost every day for several months has also made them well known to each other! She was turning on the charm for him, playing with him, hugging his leg, showing him how to fill out his paperwork, sharing her books, and talking. She usually is very serious around unfamiliar people, but obviously she likes his company. The most surprising act was that she leaned over and kissed him! Twice!!! Right on the cheek. It is a joke in our house that she is a stingy kisser, because she usually only kisses people when she wants something. If she is in her highchair or a buggy and she wants to stand up she will lean forward and kiss me to see if she can distract me from the fact that she is trying to stand! She is very clever!
Dr. Jones said he was very pleased with her progress and he said that cognitively, she appears to be advanced. She is putting two words together. She only has about three combinations of two word sentences, but she does use them. He said her imaginative play was very good. She walked around with her purse, her playing mommy to her baby, talking on the telephone, etc. She was copying alot of his actions. She pointed out things in the room , saying "see". She understands alot of receptive language. She can follow alot of simple commands (when she wants to ) and understands many things we ask her. She knows labels of quite a few things. Feet, shoes, stroller, bellybutton, put on your shoes, dance, etc, etc. Her language is what impresses me the most. The other day, she told me, "Day Day Kiss". She then leaned over and kissed Daisy. She enjoyed it more than the dog! I was patting her bottom the other day and she says to me, "Pur Pur Butt". I didn't even realize I often pat her bottom while I"m holding her and say, "What a cute purple butt!". For those of you scratching your head, I'm not losing my mind. We're talking Mongolian spots. She also takes her baby and flings her over her shoulder, pats her, and says, "pur pur butt". I know I"m nutty, but she is the joy of my life! She is amazing! I know I'm a typical mom who thinks the sun rises and sets with her baby!
Her newest thing is throwing everything in the trash. She was "helping" me one day and getting into every drawer and trying to wreck havoc. I got on to her and told her she needs to clean up. She then puts everything back in a drawer or in the trash can. While throwing stuff away (like shoes, remote controls, etc) she is saying, "Guh Guhl". She's a good girl alright!

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