Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pool Fun

Saturday, we went to the public pool for the first time. They have a kiddie play area that the kids love. The deepest water is only 2 feet and it has a playground in the middle of the pool. Because Regan loved the water play area at Lakes Park so much, I was hoping she would love the pool and she did! She wasn't in the water more than 2 minutes when she lost her balance and went head first. Her head sunk like a rock and her bottom floated up like a helium filled balloon. I was right with her, of course, and she was only face first for a second or two, but it was like slow motion. I figured that would be the end of it for her, but she got over it right away and was ready to play. She didn't do any more walking without holding onto someone's hand after that incident! We went back tonight so that she could play some more and try out the big pool. She didn't have so much fun at the big pool, but her floaty suit is too big and it was bothering her. Regan loved the life guard and kept staring and staring. At one point, she got out of the pool and followed him back and forth as he paced the (short) length of the pool. I quickly got her before he realized he had a little shadow or before she got run over by bigger kids.

The pictures of her half dressed with a box of Cheez-its are because I think she is the funniest thing. I was sitting on the couch and Yunnie came up and sat with me. She rarely sits still for any length of time unless she is playing with a toy and I was enjoying her just hanging out with me. After ten minutes or so she got off of the couch, walked into the kitchen and I heard the pantry door open. She then came back with a box of Cheez-its, crawled up in the chair and proceeded to start snacking and watching t.v. I know to everyone else that is nothing, but to me it is too funny that she knows what she wants and goes and gets it. Just now, I found her back in the pantry getting the Cheez-its and feeding them to the dogs. They LOVE Yunnie! I'm obviously going to have to rearrange the pantry!

Yunnie has become my little domestic diva. I showed her for the first time last night where to put the little soap capsule for the dishwasher and how to close the door to the soap holder. Well, I have to brag on my little genius because tonight she loaded up all the utensils, I handed her the soap capsule, she put it in the little door, closed the little door and then closed the dishwasher door. I think that it pretty smart having only seen it one time! I didn't cue her or anything. Of course, then my little genius goes into the trash to start dumpster diving and when she was told to cut it out she heads over and tries to eat the dogs' food, I guess you can't have everything!


When I head Regan's Chinese name, Nan Zi Yun I loved it! I thought it was so beautiful and sounded good together and so I kept the entire name as her middle. When I saw her picture, she didn't look like a Regan to me she looked like a YunYun. That is what she would probably have been called had she remained in China. The Chinese often take the middle or first name and say it twice. From that day forward she was YunYun. We come from a family of people who nickname everyone. I'm called Becks, Beck, Jenn, Sis, Jennifer, Aunt Weckadoodle, Wecknet, (the last two Konnor named me!)etc. Konnor goes by the names, KonMel, Melly, Nemton (from when he was learning to write his last name and kept switching the w to an m), Konmel Louis, Nemmy, etc. Most of those are from how he used to pronouce his own name. Yunnie is Yunnie, YunYun, The Yun, A Yun, Yunkins, Yun Cakes, Yunniekins, etc, etc. She knows them all and will come to any of them. Do you think she'll have an identity crisis when she is older?!?!? So, when people hear me call her Yunnie (the name she is called most often, pronounced Yoonie) they wonder where in the world I got that name from. Now you know, from her Chinese middle name. For those of you who really know me, you know it is because I'm a big dork and will twist just about anything into a nickname and it will then stick forever!!!

On a cuter note, Regan discovered her belly button this week. She now shows everyone, lucky them. Almost everyone who was in Wal-Mart last night got the dubious pleasure of seeing her belly button. She lifts up her shirt, gets a surprised expression, points to it and goes Oh Wow, see, Oh Wow. Thank goodness she hasn't connected that I have a belly button because I really don't want everyone in Wal Mart to see it! She saw Konnor's and now every chance she gets she tries to lift his shirt and look at it.

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