Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Exciting Week with Daisy the Dingbat Dog

This week had its own bit of excitement. My birthday had been earlier this week so on Saturday we went out to eat at a Japanese steakhouse. Regan decided to be ornery and she was sooooo badly behaved. We finally left the table to go outside. She thought this was a great reward and figured she would get to do some walking. Ever since she became a walker, she thinks she needs to walk everywhere (the parking lot, in the road, etc). Well, I was so irritated with her behavior I wasn't going to be allowing her to do anything fun as she would think she can get rewarded for misbehaving. I made her just sit outside and she was so mad! Good, I figured, she needs to learn a lesson. My mom came out to relieve me so that I could eat my dinner and when I came back out, Regan was having a great time walking my mom all over the place. Yunnie has my mom wrapped around her fingers!

On Sunday, Konnor was an acolyte for the first time. We attend a small church and although you are technically supposed to be ~8 years old to be an acolyte, Pastor Phil thought Konnor was responsible enough to do the job at 5 years old. The only concern was whether he could reach all the candles. Luckily, he was able to reach them all. The lighting of the candles was a bit of excitement in itself as Pastor Phil came close to losing an eye and his robe catching on fire as he helped Konnor.

Wednesday morning started with Daisy vomiting on my floor. No big deal I thought, she tends to snack on grass while she is outside. When I came home from work, I found that she threw up several more times. I got a little worried. As I was cleaning up the delightful mess, I found what looked like a sewing needle and ALOT of thread that she had thrown up. Now I was in a panic. I called my vets and they couldn't fit me in (I will never be going there again). I went down the line in the phone book and called the closest vet. They told me to come right over. When I got there, they determined that she wasn't in shock and so she could wait in the waiting room. We waited for only about 15 minutes and they took us back to a room. They did xrays and determined that whatever she ate she must have thrown it all up. Thank goodness! I was worried she had puntured an intestine or would need surgery. She was sent home with medicine, she had some subcutaneous fluids, and some special food. The office was very nice and so I made appointments for the dogs annuals. I didn't realize they were overdue. They were due in February, but I guess I missed the notices. We were in the hospital in February, so who knows. Anyway, it all ended well, but where in the world did Daisy get into this stuff?!?!?
I cut Regan's hair for the first time. Her bangs were getting out of control. I was a little concerned that she would look like a cut it with a weedwhacker. For a child who never sits still, I think she was a little concerned when I came at her with a pair of scissors. She was obviously a little concerned that she was going to lose an ear if she moved, because she sat quite still. You can see the difference between the third picture and the last. And of course, she chose that night to fall off the bed and get a humongous bruise on her forehead. Right on a spot that would have previously been covered by her too-long bangs!


1. Konnor the acolyte.

2. Regan loves shopping carts!

3. Regan LOVES to talk on the phone.

4. Regan likes to collect bottles and she loves to put her feet on everything and anything!

5. Regan and another buggy, shopping at PetCo!

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