Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two Einsteins, a clown, and a lion

On May 20th we used our Disney passes for the last time. They expired on the 20th. We weren't sure we even wanted to go, but we are so glad that we did! It was only my mom, Konnor, Yunnie, and I because everyone elses passes had expired. We weren't going to stay the whole day so everyone else opted not to go.

I woke up around 5 AM and realized I had forgotten to check what time the park opened. I got on the internet and logged onto the Disney website. I think it is one of the most difficult websites to navigate and somehow the MGM site opened. They have shows that are kid related (Playhouse Disney and Bear in the Big Blue House being my absolute favorite!), but other than that, I don't think it is the most kid friendly park. I was about to close the window when I noticed it said you could dine with JoJo and Goliath. I like that show so I looked at the picture and it had a character I didn't recognize. I went ahead and clicked on the info button and was amazed to see that you could dine with JoJo, Goliath and Leo and June from the Little Einsteins. The Little Einsteins is Konnor's favorite show. He is always trying to play Leo and making the girls play Annie and June. I told my mom about it and we decided we would try to have one last splurge and see if we could get reservations. I had to wait until 7 to call and when I did they had one reservation left! Yeah! We were scheduled to eat lunch with the gang at 2:15.

There was construction and so we ended up getting slightly detoured and didn't make it to the Magic Kingdom until 10 AM. We did make good time though - only 3 hours to get there. I realized I had forgotten Yunnie's shoes and I tried to find cheap shoes for her to wear but didn't have any luck. She was bummed because now she couldn't walk around. We rode a couple of rides and then park hopped to MGM.

We told Konnor I had received a phone call from one of his friends who wanted to invite him to lunch. He was very excited, but had no idea who would invite him to lunch. He thought it might be his friend Quinn, from school. When we got in the doors his jaw dropped! It was totally worth it to see his reaction!. He was so excited! They had a great arrangement. There is no racing to see characters because they individually come to your table. They also had intermissions every 15 minutes or so where they got everyone up from the table to dance with the characters. Konnor was a hoot and I loved seeing his reaction. He hardly ate a thing except two bowls of ice cream. He got up and danced and sang with the characters and was in awe that Leo was there. We had great reservations. We ended up being one of the last groups sat and so we were sat in front and as time went on, the place was less and less crowded. We also got lucky and every character came around twice. Yunnie didn't want them near her and so Konnor got all their attention. It was good for him because he has really had to take a back seat since Regan came home and he has handled it beautifully. It was a nice surprise that he got something just for him. He kept saying he was so surprised that he got invited to lunch! Leo told us he loved us all and Goliath came up and hugged me because I guess he heard me tell Konnor that he was my favorite. June kissed Yunnie on the head which was not very appreciated by the Yun. It was such a good time. The whole experience was a great time and it made the trip up to Disney totally worth it.

We then headed back to the Magic Kingdom to ride more rides. Yunnie did much better on this trip and wasn't too scared during any of the rides. She like It's a Small World the best. She even sat up and watched all of Pirates of the Caribbean. We left later than we intended and didn't get out of the park until 8:30, but we still got home okay and Konnor still talks about his best friend Leo and the lunch party!

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