Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Great Couple of Days

I LOVE my milkshake!
The picture is fuzzy, but look at that smile!
Worn out from all the excitement!
The newest member of the Newton family.

It has been a busy couple of days! I feel like between working summer school, VBS, and doctor stuff, that we haven't really had a summer break. We have been making up for lost time!

On Sunday, we headed up to Marion County to visit their humane society. My mom had seen a dog on their website that she really liked and wanted to see. Marion County is about 3 1/2 hours north of us! We decided just to make a road trip and have a good time. We left about one hour later than we wanted to, because Regan had a rough night on Saturday with more nightmares and hysteria. I had two hours of sleep and she had four. My brother and his girlfriend tagged along behind us. We made it to the humane society and my mom ended up taking home a completely different dog than she had originally been interested in. His name is Bosley, and he was born at the shelter. He is now four months old and just the cutest thing! His hair is hysterical! It sticks up from the top of his head and is curly all down his back. He is quite a mix!

We finished the adoption and it was about 12:30. My grandparents only live about 45 more minutes north (around Gainesville) and so we called them and told them we were coming for a surprise visit! We stayed at their house for almost two hours and then had to head home. On the way home, my mom, Konnor, Yunnie, Bosley and I had a Cracker Barrel take out picnic at a rest area. It was so much fun to get out and do something different. This is the kind of activity we used to do more often and we have been so busy it has falled by the wayside.

W e headed home and besides one unpleasant episode where Bosley lost his lunch in my car (ewwwww!), it was uneventful. I was happy to get home and get some sleep!

Monday and Tuesday were busy dealing with paper route stuff. They are so mixed up over there and have no idea how to run a business. I'm hoping that once school starts back I can stop the second job. It is quite aggravating to deal with them.

On Wednesday, Konnor and I worked on some crafts. My mom and I then took him to a juggling show that was being held at the Cape Coral Library. It was a free event and Konnor had a great time. He loves all that kind of stuff. That night, we got a milkshake treat at Steak N Shake. Regan was fussing in the back seat because she wanted a milkshake. Mine was way too large and so I let her drink from it. She was so cute! She LOVED the milkshake. I think she was just as happy because she was drinking like a big girl and was allowed to hold the big girl cup! She was smiling and laughing and just getting such pleasure out of such a little thing. Of course by the time we got home she had taken off the lid and dumped the remainder of the shake all over my car! I knew I shouldn't have let her hold it for so long, but she was having such a good time!

This morning, we saw Happy Feet at Free Movie Thursday. I let Konnor splurge on a Kid's Kit. He loved having his own popcorn, drink, and Skittles.

This is the life! Having kids and seeing them enjoy the little things.

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