Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

No More Doctors for 5 Months!!!!

This week was another busy week and we are taking today to clean up the disaster of a house that has been neglected!

Tuesday and Wednesday we worked on our paper route. On Wednesday morning, I spent a couple of hours on the phone with various doctors trying to figure out what the results were of Regan's immune system bloodwork. We had completed the final bloodwork a couple of months ago and hadn't heard anything. I figured "no news is good news" and I was never really worried about her bloodwork anyway so I hadn't really pursued calling doctors. I had forgotten that she was scheduled for more immunizations on Wednesday and couldn't have them if her bloodwork came back screwy. Finally, the Infectious Disease doctor, Dr. Gonzalez called me back to personally talk alot of gibberish of which the end result was that she could get all her immunizations. After she told me all about this blood count and that blood count she said that some of her levels were slightly off, but that was probably because it was so soon after her hospitilization and that they were probably residual results of the huge infection. She wants to repeat the bloodwork in two months (I'm thinking no). If it was too soon after her illness and that is what they are saying caused her bloodlevels to be slightly off why did they rush me so fast to get the bloodwork done? We should have waited a month or two.

My other huge fear is having Regan receive the MMR. Working in the school system, there are alot of worries that the MMR is linked to autism. It has not yet been proven, but it is a scary thought. I have talked it over with people and done some research, but depending on where you look depends on what results you find. Dr. Gonzalez told me alot of stuff and about various research articles, but the bottom line was that she gave her son the final MMR yesterday and that is is completely safe.

I got off the phone and still was not comfortable with giving Regan the MMR. I decided I wasn't going to let her receive the MMR until I talked to Dr. M, her pediatrician. Unfortunately, we were only scheduled to see a nurse. I figured Regan could receive her hepatitis and we would reschedule an appointment to talk to Dr. M and decide about the MMR at this later date. When we got to Dr. M's office, we were heading to the back and Dr. M was heading towards us. She had seen that we were on the schedule for today and told me she was stopping by to see if I had any questions about her immunity tests. I told her yes and she came in and sat down to talk. I explained my fears about the MMR and she relieved them. Told me about various research and about Regan being older and her immune system being fine. She said her immune system tests showed nothing to be worried about. That is why I love her being Regan's doctor. She anticipated I would have questions and even though we weren't on her schedule, she came to find us to make any questions I had were answered. We are now done with doctor's visits until January!

On Thursday, Konnor, Regan, and I went to the free movie at Bell Tower Theatres. Regan did pretty good. We met four of our friends from Vacation Bible School. That was fun running into them. We then ate lunch with my mom and headed for another doctor's appointment. She had her follow up audiogram and her ENT doctor visit. Her last audiogram showed increased pressure and fluid in her ears, possibly decreased hearing in her right. Since then, I have seen no concerns, but we were doing a follow up. Regan was being REALLY difficult and we went outside because she started pitching a temper tantrum. I told the receptionist we would be outside and she said she would let them know. Well, she didn't. We sweltered outside for about 30 minutes (after 30 minutes of wait inside) and they finally came and got us. They had forgotten we were outside! Anyway, everything is fine. This test result showed no concerns. The increased fluid resolved itself, her hearing is normal, and we have no more appointments with the ENT. In the meantime, Regan was acting up more than she has in a long time and we headed home.

Friday, we took Marmaduke back to the vets. He opened his incision and needed a distemper and parvo booster shot. He did well and loved on everyone and we just have to clean out his incision. In the meantime, I am so thankful I have tile as he has bled drops of blood everywhere! So nice!

In the afternoon, we headed to the social security office where I FINALLY applied for Regan's social security card! The waiting room was packed and I was so worried we were going to be there forever, but 30 minutes later we were in and out! I hope everything is correct, because I found several errors on the printout the lady had made to submit to the social security administration. Hopefully, they were all caught!

We are happy to be done with doctors! Regan has had every part of her body poked and prodded! Her heart has had an echocardiogram and EKG, her kidneys have been xrayed and had a VCOG, every drop of blood has been examined! I think the doctors are finally satisfied that she is okay! Yeah!


Tricia said...

Congrats! So glad she's healthy!

Anna said...

So glad to read the good news!! Regan is really growing up too - she looks so different from the pictures 7 months ago!