Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Regan's Week

Regan loves to take wet wipes and kleenex and blow her nose.
Oh, have I ever mentioned that Regan loves to put on Konnor's underwear and walk around in them?!?!?! I don't get it, but it is really cute! And of course, more nose blowing.
Sweet, sweet sleep.

I am so glad the weekend is over! Regan had a pretty rough weekend and we are hoping a new week is a better week!

On Friday, Regan had her first dentist appointment. The dentist said everything was fine and her teeth look healthy. He said he would expect a child of her age to have more teeth and so they are delayed in erupting. I have yet to look up what is "normal", but she has 8 teeth and the day before the dentist appointment a molar starting popping up. Her bottom teeth are crowded and came in crooked and he says that does not bode well for what is going to happen when her permanent teeth try to come in. He anticipates she will have overcrowding issues when she is older and possibly braces. I did not know that you could tell this so early, but I guess I'm glad I have a warning to start saving for future orthodontic needs!

On Saturday and Sunday, we were trying to get my mom's house painted and fixed up as she was having some furniture delivered today. Regan was into everything.......everything. I am amazed at her language skills. She is the total opposite of Konnor who didn't babble much, but when he started talking he took off and spoke in full sentences. She talks ALL the time. Her receptive language is also amazing. Just this past week or so she has learned: "Put that back", "put it in the trash", "get out of the toilet", "be nice to the doggy/kitty/Konnor", "you better stop", etc. She understands it all and is complying which is big progress. So, all weekend she is "helping" to clean and generally causing everything to take ten times as long. No biggie, we can deal except that the little girlfriend is going to learn some anger management. She is learning the hard way that if she hurts herself by pitching herself backward and hitting her head on the headboard/floor/cabinet/carseat, etc that she isn't going to earn any sympathy so she might as well not try! Thank goodness she is so smart because she is quickly learning that certain behaviors are not happening in this house. She had a brief time out for being mean to the Konnor and she was so upset. She knew what she had done and when I let her get up she immediately went over to Konnor, crawled up in his lap, gave him a hug and a kiss. I didn't tell her to do that, so I was happy she had remorse and understood what she had done.

Following the days, Regan had some major sleeping issues this weekend. Sleeping is never great for her, but this weekend was especially difficult. She usually doesn't sleep more than 8 hours and she wants me to be laying down with her. I thought we were doing so great when Regan went to sleep without having me have to be beside her. I was patting myself on the back and was just generally pleased. At about midnight on Saturday, she work up screaming bloody murder. She was hysterical and I couldn't console her. I held her, rocked her, got up and walker her, tried to feed her and nothing helped. This went on for THREE HOURS. She just couldn't calm down and would be crying so much she was gasping for air. This repeated itself on Sunday. Waking up screaming and crying and inconsolable. After a couple of hours, I gave up and turned on the tv. The tv seemed to work and she was able to get out of her little panic and calm down. We watched half an hour of a documentary on female body builders and we were both ready to sleep! On Monday night, I gave her some Benadryl. She hasn't had nightmares in a month or so. It is scary because she just can't seem to snap out of it.......

Here's to having a better week!

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