Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gardens and Monster Trucks

 We got free tickets to see Monster Jam and although it was nothing I would have paid money to see, for free we had an absolute blast.   Out of all of them, I think Regan was the most excited in the beginning....until she realized how loud they were!!!  Shepherd, who is obsessed (and I mean quirkily obsessed.....crazy obsessed) with cars, he was in hog heaven once he realized what a Monster Jam really was.  Konnor loved it also and couldn't wait to see Gravedigger:)  All in all, a really fun evening!  Regan and I have also been working on a garden.  She planted this gladiolus from bulbs and is so excited to see them sprout.  She also planted the iris from a bulb and we are hoping the rest begin to bloom.  The rest of the plants are annuals because we wanted immediate results:)  Shepherd could care less because if he thinks it involves manual labor he wants no part of it;)  Next is trying to start a butterfly garden.  Regan and I bought some pentas and some milkweed and have our fingers crossed we will have some butterflies in our future.  Regan is also saving any change she finds because she wants to buy a rose bush.  She is currently obsessed with roses.  Maybe the Easter Bunny will have to drop one off at our house:)

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