Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Isn't She Beautiful?

Above is a photo of my pretty girl. Below is her eating lunch in a box, because doesn't everybody eat lunch in a box? Puts new meaning to the word "Box Lunch" !! Ha ha ha, I couldn't resist that one!
Is it wrong of me to look at her little face and think she is the cutest thing ever? And even better, she has such a personality and has such a great sense of humor. She cracks me up every night......she cracks herself up also. Ahhhh, to appreciate your own sense of humor is a gift ;) So, the director at the daycare stopped me today to ask me if I thought she was a handfull. I believe her exact words were, "Do you think Regan is going to be a handfull her entire life?". Uh, yeah, I do. The director calls her "Raygee" and pretty much lets her run the office. The director took to taking her on walks and she says now when she stops in the room if she doesn't let Regan go on errands with her then Regan absolutely will not give her the time of day for the rest of the day. The director also adopted a little girl from China about 6 years ago and I think she has a soft spot for Regan. She likes to go in the director's office and watch the classrooms on the video monitors. She really, really wants me to go outside and wave to her from the camera that views the front door. I did it once, I put my foot down at going outside everyday to wave like a dork at the camera. Isn't it enough that I wave at myself for the camera everytime we go to Publix?!?!?

To back up, Regan got placed in the 3 year old room. Partly at my request, partly at her teacher's request. The first week was dicey. Regan's two year old teacher got moved this school year to teach the threes. I didn't want Regan switched again as she had had three teachers last year and I thought that was ridiculous. Because Regan is potty trained, the daycare made an exception and allowed her and one other little girl to move to the threes. I also wanted her to have older children to help her model better behavior (ha ha ha) and language.

I love how the classroom is more structured. They have circle time, a lesson plan, activities, circle time spots, etc. This daycare has a religious affliation to Lutheranism and they have a bible lesson everyday. I like that and feel it is a bonus to their curriculum. There is also a visual behavior chart consisting of a smiley face, straight face, and sad face. I like that they are backing up their expectations with visual supplements, even though I thought it would go right over Regan's head. Amazingly, it hasn't gone over her head and she puts the dogs on sad faces all the time when they do not act according to her expectations;)

Regan started back to school two weeks ago. The first week she had sad faces (really bad days) for three days! Her teacher was obviously upset with her because she wouldn't keep her shoes on, wouldn't clean up, wouldn't share, was crabby and kept running out the door. Regan and I had many talks about her behaviors, especially running out the door. She is not allowed anymore to even touch a doorknob and if this continued, I was going to have to say she wasn't allowed within ten feet of a door ;) Come to find out, she was running out the door when the teacher was changing the other kids. My thought was that if you had to go into a restroom and change a child, there should be another adult in the room. I had erroneously thought that if Regan had to be potty trained to make it into this class this meant that all the three year olds in the class were potty trained. Guess not.

Anyhoo, I am thrilled to say that she is getting the routine down. I am also pleased that she actually got stamps and stickers yesterday for helping everyone clean up their stations without even being asked. Who says rewards don't go a long way? She hasn't run out the door since Konnor told her that he was not happy with her choices (I have no idea why she chose to listen to him, but I'm not complaining!). The daycare also started a Parent Advisory Group and four other parents and myself were invited to join. I'm really glad as it shows the daycare is looking for support and parental input.

Our other big challenge continues to be drop offs. Regan has been going to this daycare for over a year now. When will she stop crying everytime I drop her off? It is so rough to see her upset like that even though I know she stops soon after I leave (I have been known to lurk to make sure it is alright!) Her teacher wants her to learn to sit still for circle time. I wish her luck on that one. She is only two after all, and one of the most busy little two year olds I've ever seen.

Oh, one other big milestone. Regan is really beginning to enjoy arts and crafts. I mean REALLY enjoy them. I craft whenever I can and she now has her little art box where she will color and draw for quite a long time (30 minutes or so). Her teacher says she worked on her painting today for 50 minutes! She is so proud to show me every afternoon what she finished in class and wants her artwork displayed on the refrigerator.


Jeff and Amy said...

Becky, sounds like you are busy!!! Glad Regan is doing better at school, my youngest boy cried everytime I dropped him off at pre-school, standing at the window just tear streaming, it was hard but after about a month that stopped, thank goodness because that is hard to watch.

Mommy Doodle said...

She is just too cute!