Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony - Beijing***Updated*** See Below

One World, One Dream. The Great Wall.
Countdown Clock, Tiananmen Square.
Buildings in the Forbidden City getting a much needed paint job and face lift in preparation for the Olympics.

Our guide, Happy, who I so hope is enjoying the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

I just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I am so in awe of the entire ceremony and the symbolism. One of the things Bob Costas said that really rung true (and this is just one that I am thinking about right, there were many more) was about the complete and soul deep pride the Chinese felt about hosting the Olympics. Our Beijing guide, Happy, talked on and on about the Olympics. She only got to see her parents once every year or two because of how expensive it was to travel. Her biggest dream was to go with her parents to see the opening ceremonies. Back in 2006 when I was in China, there were Olympic emblems everywhere, including the Great Wall. Back then, you could sense the pride that the Chinese people felt over the honor of hosting the Olympics. It is also mind boggling to me to think that Regan is a Chinese daughter who can also share the great pride in her heritage. It actually brought tears to my eyes to see this pride and to be able to relate and to look at Regan and see some of her heritage. As I said in my last post, I am unable to post new pictures. I enjoyed looking back on some of my pictures of Beijing and I so enjoyed being able to see in my mind the Bird's Nest Stadium. We drove by this awesome stadium on our trip to the Great Wall. Back then, it was little more than a shell. I looked back on old pictures and even though I know we took a picture, I can't find one. I am so ready to go back for a visit, China is such a beautiful country.
I'm scared, People, scared! Regan is really on a roll! Last night, after I stayed up until 3 AM working on a craft, watching some Olympics, printing coupons, etc....I woke up at 5 AM because something just didn't "feel right". That feeling was finding Regan up, having turned on the tv and was happily watching the opening ceremonies that were being replayed on NBC. What did she have to say for herself? "Look mommy, firework". I didn't mention earlier that she was soooo upset with me because I made her go to bed before the ceremonies were over. If this is the kind of stuff she is doing at the age of 2, what in the world is in store for me when she is a teenager?!?!?!?
P.S. I do have a chain on my front door and a locking bar thing on the sliding glass door so that she can't get out. I think a trip to Target is in my future to buy every locking device known to man. And you know the real unfairness? Tricia, I am actually a goody two shoes, and always have been! I learned from my brother what things NOT to do. My brother was the one always in trouble, sneaking out (I only did that once and he was involved in that little escapade), and too many other things to mention. Konnor, his son, is the most well behaved little boy ever (except he is becoming class clown). When Konnor was two, you could look at him funny and he would cry. Tell him not to touch something once and he wouldn't go within ten feet of it, ever. Where is the justice in this?!?!? (I'm lucky that I took lessons from my mom and hopefully can stay one step ahead of Regan. Maybe I should take a note from my mom and go ahead and nail the windows shut now as opposed to waiting until she is sneaking out at 16?~?~?)


Kristi said...

Great pictures! I want to go too!! :)

Too funny about Regan climbing onto your counters and locking herself in the stall at BK. She sounds like a smart little pistol!

Jeff and Amy said...

The opening ceremonies were wonderful indeed!!!! Oh my goodness, I hate to admit it but pretty sure I was the same way. LOL I would have freaked a little about the bathroom though.