Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I am so far behind on everything in life! I am going to bullet this post because otherwise it would be even worse than my usual rambling, meandering posts!

  • On Sunday, we took a last minute road trip. Drove five hours to my grandparent's house. Dropped off my mom and nephew. Drove another hour to my friend Leslie who lives in St. Augustine. Met her new baby!!! FINALLY home from Guatemala. She was sooooooo cute (Maya that is, not Leslie!). The purpose of the trip was to drop off a bunch of baby stuff for Maya and Leslie since I won't be needing it any more :( My baby is growing up so fast! Spent a couple of hours with Leslie. Drove an hour back to my grandparents, ate dinner, visited for an hour or so and back on the road for another five hours! Regan was not so pleasant the following day, but I can't blame her since we had quite the trip!

  • I lost the camera charger to my camera. Borrowed my mom's camera and lost the camera cord. End result: no pictures to put on post, so I am going to do past photos.
  • I am so excited to see the Olympics! I have been to Beijing and am so excited to see again some of the places we visited! Our Beijing tour guide, Happy, said her greatest wish was to get tickets to see the Opening Ceremonies. I so hope she gets to go, she was an amazing person. In her words, "I crazy like the olympics!".
  • Konnor got his Stanford Ten (standardized Kindergarten test) results. He did awesome! Scored in the 98th percentile for reading and the 95th percentile for math. Yeah!
  • Regan has not had any more on purpose potty accidents since the incident in the library. I did the whole ignoring thing. I went back to praising her when she used the potty and it seems like it was a temporary thing...thank goodness!!!
  • Regan is saying alot more words. She is now using time words: Today, later, now, etc. She picks up a new word just about everyday.
  • When I bought my new refrigerator, I never thought about the fact that she can get in the freezer section. I was a little surprised the first time I caught her watching tv, totally naked, sitting on the couch eating an ice cream cone!
  • Note to self: Buy refrigerator door locks.
  • Regan's trick of the week is to climb the counters. She scared me to death a couple of weeks ago when I found her sitting on the stove. For all the obvious reasons that is not okay. She pulls out the bottom drawer, opens up the cabinet door that is next to the stove and climbs from one to the other.
  • Note to self: Pull off the knobs on the stove, remove the bottom drawer.
  • Regan's other trick of the week was to lock herself in the bathroom stall at Burger King. On the big Road Trip, we stopped and had breakfast at BK. I took her to the potty before breakfast. After breakfast, my mom took her to the potty and she ran in, ran to the first stall and locked herself in. She must have noticed what kinds of locks they used during her first visit and cooked up this scheme while walking to the bathroom. Fortunately, she unlocked the door herself although I would have almost paid to see my mom try to crawl under the stall door!!!!
  • Regan learned to blow bubbles during swim lessons this year. The instructors always made a big deal whenever she would put her face in the water to blow the bubbles. I think they were a little too enthusiastic. Last night, I was getting her stuff together for bedtime. She was told to go potty before bed. I'm in the master bedroom, she is in the master bathroom and I hear a suspicious sound. It sounds suspiciously like bubble blowing. I walk in and her rear end is stuck up in the air as she is blowing bubbles in the dog's water dish. I know what everyone is thinking.....gross! I thought: thank goodness it wasn't the toilet!


tricia said...

She is SUCH a handful! Something tells me this is payback for stuff you did as a kid. I know I'm being paid back for all the eye rolling I did!

mommy of 2 said...

Time to super-secure your house!! Don't let Regan tell my Princess about the climbing on the stove bit!

You're post title was deceiving. I'm glad you used the safe kind of "bullets" hee hee hee!