Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Tyson Chicken Commercial

I'm sure we've all seen this one. It's the Tyson chicken commercial where the dad is playing hide and seek with his two kids. He quickly finds his daughter, but can't find his son. A lady in the background says, "We've got a climber" as dad looks up and sees that the boy has climbed the hallway walls up to the ceiling.

I'm stealing that line ----"I've got a climber".

Regan climbs EVERYTHING. I have to remove the bunkbed ladder everyday because she has now made it up to the second rung and she scares me. She climbs the couch, the chairs, and now the coffee table. She wanted the remote, her Elmo remote is not good enough. So, why don't we just climb on the coffee table to reach the remote. Makes sense to me! My mom sat there to make sure she didn't swan dive off into the tile, but hopefully this is not a habit. She also climbs into the dishwasher, the underneath drawer of the oven and once onto my computer desk.

Regan spoke a new word today. Bye, Bye. She has said mama for a couple of months now, but only a couple times has used it to mean me. Otherwise she could be talking to the trash can calling it mama. Flattering, isn't it?!?! My brother says that she says it when they come back to my house after dropping Konnor and Allison off at school. He tells me that she says it everytime they pull into the driveway. Anyway, today she told my mom and Konnor "bye,bye" and waved as they pulled out of the driveway. My mom and brother have heard her say "wuv you" when they said it to her, but I have yet to get that one! I am pretty positive she said "what" one day when I called her name. Regardless, I can count three words now with her vocabulary that she has used appropriately. 1. no, no, no 2. bye, bye 3. mama

I forgot to mention that the lab called me two days ago to tell me that they didn't draw enough blood from Regan to complete all of her immune system bloodwork. They said if I came back I won't have to wait in line while they get another vial of blood. Whooptee doo. Does that mean that Regan won't require two people to hold her down while one person tries to suck her dry?
I"m thinking not. I'm also thinking I"m not sure I"m going to put her through another blood draw anytime soon. She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'll talk to him about the tests.

The Pictures:

The first picture is one of my favorites. She is so cute! The next couple are of my little climber. One of Regan's favorite pasttimes is to read. She climbs onto the bed to reach the books. After a little reading, she decided to head into the shower to chase around the bar of soap. She had a great afternoon!

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