Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Are ya kiddin' me?!?!

Please boycott Teleflora and the new NBC show "America's Favorite Mom". As part of the contest, they had the unbelievable gall to classify moms who have adopted into the category of "Non-Mom". In the same category with "neighbor". How in the He** do they think being a mom through adoption compares to being a neighbor?!?!?! They have since changed the category to Adoptive Mom, still segregating us into another category rather than just plain "mom".
The real kicker is that this is their "apology". You can read it here.

Somehow it does not make me feel better that the President of Teleflora is an adoptive parent and thought it was okay to list Adoptive Moms as Non-Moms. Is anybody else besides me worrying about the love and affection those "non-children" received while in that family?

I sent two emails to NBC and Teleflora expressing my disgust with the whole thing and urge you do to the same. Here is a copy of my email:

Dear Teleflora:

I sit here watching my daughter and can not believe the rage I feel inside. Rage that was caused by NBC, Teleflora, and its associates and sponsors for allowing a category "Non Moms" to describe mothers who have adopted. I feel sorry for all of you who think it takes biology and DNA to create the love between a mother and her child. My daughter is my daughter and I am her mother no matter that we do not share DNA. I would give my life for her and feel sorry for you that you will never feel that kind of love that is not dependent on shared genes, but rather is based in such deep emotions that they can not fully be described.

To see that you changed your category to "Adoptive Moms" still does not sit well with me. And in your "apology", you continue to classify adoptive moms and compare them to the neighbor. Where is your mindset that you believe a mother who has chosen to parent through adoption compares to a neighbor?!?!

I am a mother. Period. My daughter is my daughter. Period. There needs to be no descriptive word "adoptive" in front of the word mother. My daughter knows that I traveled half way around the world to have the blessing of being her mother. I spent over two years anxiously waiting for her to come home. I stay up night rocking her when she is sick. I'm the first one she sees in the morning and the last one she sees at night. We share the sticky kisses and the hugs that make your heart ache with love. I am a mother and I am incredulous and appalled down to my core that you would demean my relationship with my daughter. Shame on you.

Becky Newton
MOTHER to Regan

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tricia said...

You go's part of my reple...

The moniker "Adopting Mom" doesn't cut it for my daughter and me either...unless you want to describe me as a "C-Section Mom" to my 2 boys. Congratulations on offending an entire group of loving, wonderful, plain old MOMS.

Happy Non-Mom's Day Becky! (Let's see if Hallmark picks up on this one)