Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Four Day Weekend

Library event, you can click on any picture to make it bigger.
Playing hide and seek with her cousin! She had undressed herself trying to get me to let her shower!

This weekend was a four day weekend for me.....the school district had a holiday on Thursday celebrating the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah and then on Friday was a Hurricane Make-Up day which we very fortunately did not have to use this school year. It certainly didn't feel like a four day weekend, where did it go?

On Thursday, we threw papers, ate lunch with Framma and spent a half an hour or so at the Calusa Nature Center. Marmie was supposed to have his first day of obedience school, but it got rained out. He missed last week because I went to Tyler's memorial service. I hope he isn't a obedience school drop-out before he even attends his first class!!

Friday afternoon was spent at the library at a very neat science show. I love the Cape Coral library and all the good events that present. They are all for free and really have had a wide variety of events. All of them have been great! Regan was learning to sit still for more than 1 minute and Konnor loved watching them make exploding lava, slime, a soda bottle powered rocket, and other things. They then have a ton of books to encourage the kids to read about the topic that was presented. Next week is Aesop, one of my favorites!

I had to take another continuing ed course on Saturday. 101 Things to Do with a Gait Belt. It was interesting, but I would rather have been home! I now have to take a few more hours on the internet and I am done! Saturday evening, my mom and I began working on the church nursery. We are in charge of painting, renovating and cleaning, and it is quite the project!

Regan is really coming along with feeding herself and dressing herself. She really tries so hard to get dressed. She can almost do most of her shorts and skorts, but can't figure out the shirts! She has now decided she loves showers and will start undressing and lead me to the shower and try to convince me to turn it on. She is still needing to be convinced she is not going to shower two or three times a day! I love that she is into hygiene, but that is overdoing it! ;)
She has also had a growth her feet! She has been able to wear the same pair of squeaky shoes that I brought home from China. She has been in size 3 shoes since she came home. I had bought her a couple of size 4s, but they had been too big and she would walk right out of them. She is now officially in size 4. Another interesting, but totally useless bit of trivia: her shoe size and her diaper size coincide. She used to be in size 3 diapers (purples as she calls them!) and has now moved into 4s.

The charming thing she learned in daycare was to scream "mine!" whenever she wants something. Not the most wonderful lesson to bring home. We are working on cutting that out of her repertoire!

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