Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Break and Catch Up

It has been awhile since I posted....Spring Break seems like forever ago! The kids and I did an art project. I had promised them back before China that they could paint their own pictures of Hello Kitty to match the Hello Kitties I had painted all over the girls' bedroom wall. This was in compromise to having three very "helpful" children in the room with tons of open paint cans "helping" me to paint the room. Finally, we completed their project and the pictures are happily hanging on the wall and there was no paint over the carpet or baseboards!

The girls spent a couple of days at their maternal grandparents house and Konnor, Yunnie and I spent an afternoon at the Nature Center. We found a path we had never walked before and had the brillant idea to check it out to see where it would lead. Yeah, it lead for over two miles all over. It was a great path, but it was miserably hot and we weren't prepared for a 1 1/2 hike. We had to take a couple of stops so Konnor's legs could rest, but it was a pretty scenic tour.

The last picture is of Yunnie getting busted for climbing up the step stool after being told several times to stop. This was after she spent some studious time learning how to undo her onesie. AS you can see, she is letting it all hang out! We finally got everything moved and cleaned out of the house my mom had been renting while her house was being built. With China, the hospital, and just life, it had been delayed long enough! Regan hated the vacuum cleaner and would dive between my mom's legs whenever she heard it turn on. It was hysterical to watch!

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Anna said...

I'm so glad to see updates with only good news about Regan!