Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pneumonia, Cub Scout Camp, Adigators, VBS, and my new love - Noodle Man!

Before she started showing signs of being sick. You'd never guess she was not feeling well. She felt good enough for some Marmie love!!!
This week has been CRAZY busy! A week ago Friday Regan, Konnor, and I went to Sunsplash. Regan did great and actually was very comfortable in the water (a big accomplishment for her!). After a couple of hours she said she wanted to go to sleep. Huh?!?!? Regan never willingly goes to sleep! Long story short, she had a temperature of 103ish for the next day and on Sunday I took her to a convenient care as we had a really crappy night of very unpleasant things (I'll spare the details). She was diagnosed with bronchitis, but the MD told me to discontinue the breathing treatments I had been giving her because she said her lungs were clear. I ignored that advice because although I'm not an MD, not only could you hear the junk in her lungs (without the aid of a stethoscope), but you could feel her chest rattling. The next day I took her to her regular pediatrician and she was diagnosed with pneumonia and was put on steroids, continued breathing treatments, and continue with the antibiotics previously prescribed. Poor thing was so, so sick.

I started working summer school (bleh!). Konnor spent last week in Cub Scout Camp and he had a blast!!! He is so bummed it was only a week in length. He will officially start Cub Scouts in August, but this was his first official outing. They teach good morals, do fun things (Konnor is in love with archery now!), and the den leader seemed like a great guy. If I had one complaint it would be the mothers seemed a tad on the agressive, competitive (come on ladies, in the long run does it matter that your child's rocket flew up the highest?!? Let's just have fun!), inpatient and some were downright rude! Konnor got to take home the den flag at the end of the week because his pack leader said he was the most well behaved, mannered child in the den. What a compliment!!

Regan had been talking for over a month about the Adigator coming to host VBS. This year's theme was Crocodile Dock and VBS was held at the church that houses her school. They had a Crocodile sign out front of the church this past month and everyday she would tell me that she couldn't wait to go see the Adigator. Unfortunately, she missed the first day because of being sick and she wasn't feeling well the following two days as she was exhausted. She insisted she wanted to go though so although she was very subdued this week she obviously enjoyed going. Believe me, she would have let me know if she didn't want to go! The kids got CDs of some of the songs from VBS and Regan knows almost all of the words to about 5 of the songs. She obviously was enjoying herself although her face was pretty stoic throughout the whole week! Konnor also loved VBS and was so enthusiatic about the whole thing. I stuck around with my friend, Carolyn, every night for the first hour or so to make sure Regan was doing okay with the new situation and I was so impressed with how this church held an amazing VBS. It was truly awesome!!! The finale included a puppet show that I have included clips of in the following videos. The show was enthralling and I wish it had turned up better on my camera. It is amazing to me that the puppeteers are teenagers, they did so well. You can't see all of the details, but you can get the drift. I'm in love with the Noodle Man!


Mommy Doodle said...

Sorry to Regan was so sick. Delaney had it back in was not pretty!!!!
I hope Regan is on the mend...

Jeff and Amy said...

Hope Regan is feeling better, sounds like you have had a very busy summer so far. Love VBS ours starts in a couple of weeks and for some crazy reason I voluntered for 2-3yr olds, what was I thinking?? LOL Hope the rest of your summer is wonderful:)