Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

It's February Already--Are Ya Kiddin' Me?!?!?

This picture cracks me up, she was so upset to get her hair washed. This was taken about 2 years ago ----Life has greatly improved since then, but I have kind of a venting post below. Be warned!
Compare this picture to the picture below, she looks exactly the same! I just had to post these pictures, they are too funny! Poor thing, I did give her lovin' immediately after I snapped her picture :)

Can you believe the drama?!?!

Three of Regan's favorite things - Elvis, Barbie, and cars. These were the goodies she took to school to celebrate her birthday.

Her wish - Elvis cupcakes. Thank goodness for Shrinky Dinks. You can do anything with those things!

This will be quick as I have had no time to get on the computer (not to mention it is acting possessed again, deleting emails, not sending emails, and it deleted all my favorites!!).
My car has been broken for 3 weeks and yesterday I finally had the time and money to get it fixed. Carpooling at 6 AM to get my mom, Konnor, Regan and I all to school/work so that I could get to work by 8 AM, really stunk. And then my mom would have to stay at work until 7 PM or so until I could get off work from KidSpirit and pick up the kids. Ugh, glad that's over!
Regan still hasn't had her birthday cake or cupcakes, so I think I'll wait until February 13th, the anniversary of when she came home from the hospital. Which is still the day I think off all the time as getting my baby back.
Can I tell you that Regan's school is seriously stressing me out?!?!? They are so nice, but absolutely clueless about developmental skills or curriculum. Her teacher thought she was turning four. I just had to look at her like she was losing her mind. If she thought she was turning four, shouldn't she be slightly concerned about her speech/language, lack of academic skills and overall developmental delay? I'm really starting to look at alternative places for schooling.
Regan worries me that she doesn't know her colors yet (except for pink and blue), and the school has her working on phonics and writing letters. Then her teacher tells me that Regan resists work on tracing the letter "G". Ya think?!? How about working on basic coloring in boundaries, simple shapes, playing with play dough. If she would just learn to sit still for 5 minutes, I would consider it a successful year. Her teacher told me that she can't make her sit during circle time or table top time and so she is allowed to wander and do what she wants. She also doesn't nap at school and so she is allowed to sit and play. I pay the price as she is CRABBY when she gets home and so overstimulated she can't get to sleep. Next year has got to be better.

Sorry for the negative post, it has just been a crazy couple of weeks!

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