Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day and the Turkey Trot!

Konnor, ready to go!
Run, Konnor, run!

You'll notice that Regan is clinging to my leg like a barnacle. We are at the far left, I still have my yellow bib on. I just zoomed on this picture and noticed the line up of kids covering their ears in anticipation of the gun! Too funny!

We've made progress and she isn't attached to my leg, but trying to hide under my shirt.

Proud kids with their ribbons.
Happy Thanksgiving! My grandparents are down visiting and so we are having a wonderful time! Regan has such a special relationship with her grandparents and they absolutely dote on is so wonderful to see.

We started off the morning bright and early at the Turkey Trot. I am really, really going to try to be more active. With work (and life) being so busy and since the wait for Regan, I have gained ALOT of weight because of poor eating habits and stress eating. Weight has always been a struggle for me, but it is getting out of control. I signed up for the Turkey Trot as a walker because I wasn't even sure I wouldn't totally humilate myself. When you are a walker, you will be disqualified if you jog or run and so I am interested in my next 5K to see if I can job and pick up my pace. The nice thing about this 5K was that it was alot of families and varying athletic abilities. I'm a little intimidated by the hard core 5Ks. For me, it was an accomplishment that I finished!!! I actually had a great time and felt good afterwards. The atmosphere is so festive it makes exercise fun. Goodness knows that I avoid exercise like the plague and so I needed something to make it enjoyable!
My mom brought Konnor and Regan by just in time to see me finish and then they had races of their own. Konnor ran in the Fun Mile Run and did great. He had a great time, and I'm really impressed with how well he did. He met a classmate and enjoyed running with her. Regan participated in the Tot Trot 100 meter dash. I figured she would be screaming and crying. She was sooooooo excited to be able to run........until the gun went off for the first 100m dash with the older age group, and then she ran. In the wrong direction! She was out of there! She talked for days about how she was going to run and then wasn't so into it when the time came. The pesky starting gun did her in! She did end up running with mine and Konnor's help and is very proud to show off her ribbon! It was a great holiday event and we'll have to make it a tradition.

The rest of the weekend is going to be crafting with my grandmother and hanging out with my grandfather. I am so excited! I am so thankful for my family, they are awesome!


mommy of 2 said...

Happy thanksgiving to you! The trot sounds like a great way to start the holiday. Good for you all!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I'm proud of you for taking action. I, too, am at my highest weight ever and I never realized how large I was until I saw a very recent picture. Needless to say, we're on the track to health over here too...Good luck!

Jeff and Amy said...

Looks like fun Bekcy, wish I could run but my knees say something else. Got my boys a WII for Christmans I saw they have a WII fit and was hinting to my dh and he was told by a fellow worker, "you can't buy that for her", I said heck yes I would love it, so we will see I definatley need to start exercising.