Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Regan had a great Halloween this year. Usually, I am not so excited about Halloween. It just isn't my thing, but this year we had a blast! We started the festivities a couple of week ago when we went to Carolyn and Olivia's house for a Halloween get together. Oliva, Regan, David, and Carly got to play together, eat lunch, decorate cookies and paint cookies. Thanks Carolyn!

Last weekend, we headed to the Calusa Nature Center where we walked The Friendly Forest. We do this every year. We are members of the Nature Center and so we get into all the programs free of charge. We love the Friendly Forest because you walk along the boardwalk and get to pet some animals and trick or treat. Have I mentioned that Regan is OBSESSED with Elvis? My mom has one Elvis CD and Regan wants to hear it over and over and over again. Her favorite song is Good Luck Charm or Hup as she calls it. Listen to the lyrics and you'll know where she gets the title Hup.

We are walking along the boardwalk and Regan starts screaming, "Elvis! Elvis!". I look down the boardwalk and there is a little boy dressed like Elvis. For the next few minutes Regan can't even concentrate on Trick or Treating as she wants to go see Elvis. We talk to the family and Elvis a.k.a. Cameron agrees to take a picture with Regan. Actually, Cameron's mom agrees that Cameron will take a picture with Regan. It was the highlight of Regan's night. Not so much for Cameron. She still talks about seeing Elvis. Back when Regan was completely obsessed with JoJo, I bought her costume for $3.99 from and received free shipping. Yahoo!!! Too bad it was so flippin' hot that she started stripping about half way through the walk!

We also woke up very early in the morning last Saturday to watch a 5K run that was taking place at Centennial Park in Downtown Ft. Myers. They had a KidsFest activity and the kids did a small little bouncy slide thing. Regan would have nothing to do with the bounce houses.

Thursday was Konnor's fall festival at his school and the kids loved playing all of the carnival games. Regan was great at the golf! Yesterday, my mom had the day off of work and so she watched Regan. We went to Konnor's school to watch his storybook parade and to see him run in the Monster Mash Dash. Regan had a blast sitting with all of the bigs kids, but couldn't understand why she couldn't run with the kids.

Last night, we officially went trick or treating. Regan's new obsession is Doodlebops. I mentioned this to one of my patient's mom and she mentioned that the older sister of the little boy I see has an old Doodlebops costume. She brought it for Regan to use and Regan was so excited to be DeeDee Doodle. Of course, now that she had a little short dress, it was kind of chilly yesterday. We have had record lows this week. She was very intimidated by some of the costumes, but warmed up to the idea of all the candy. We started the night going to a Trunk or Treat held at one of the city charter schools. It was okay, but nothing to write home about. We then headed over to a local church that also had a trunk or treat. Whoa!!! It was AMAZING! There must have been 50 cars with decorated trunks (my pictures don't do it justice) and the decorations were great! Everyone was so nice and I was amazed at all of the decorations and partying. It was great!

Tomorrow we head up to Sarasota to my adoption agency's welcome home ceremony. Last year, I spoke at the ceremony, but this year I just get to enjoy seeing my good friend Leslie and her daughter, Maya and also Delaney and family. Yeah!!

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Jeff and Amy said...

No kidding Becky that is about the cutest outfit I have ever seen, and of course the model inside makes it even cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!