Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Last year on Christmas
Last Christmas day, we traveled to Maoming to visit Regan's orphanage. This was part of the countryside in Maoming.
The orphanage lobby, notice the Christmas tree!
More scenery , it was beautiful country side, just what you would expect in China.
When we got back to the hotel room we were greeted by a Chinese Santa who was giving out little gifts. We then went to our room to eat peanut butter and crackers. It has been a long, emotional day.

We are not celebrating Christmas until next week because that is when the family can all get together. However, we have enjoyed our time off!

We rode more trains!

We went on Sunday to ride the Jingle Bell Express. It was a blast! It is a train ride that lasted 1 1/2 hours driving from downtown Ft. Myers to North Ft. Myers. We have ridden this train 4 times before and every time we have such fun. This year was especially nice to have Yunnie with us. I had forgotten how much the train sways back and forth! Regan had that apprehensive look on her face when the train pulled into the station, but once she got on she loved it! They had it all decorated for Christmas and during the ride you play games, sing, dance, and listen to a reading of The Polar Express. The game the kids had the most fun playing was Train volleyball. The entire car was hyped up and I got beaned in the head a couple of times with the ball! Regan also liked when we traveled over the Caloosahatchee River and all the boaters waved at us. We also saw Santa fishing from a kayak!

After the Jingle Bell Express, we went to Lakes Park to ride the miniature train. The train is a miniature little train where everyone sits on these little seats and it takes you through Lakes Park which they have decorated for Christmas. I was surprised by Regan's reaction to the train. She doesn't like very many rides, and so I was surprised when she saw the train and immediately wanted to ride. Once we were on, she was bouncing up and down and just loved every minute. I don't have pictures of the scenery because I was too busy holding onto Regan, but we'll have to go again and I'll get pictures of the little train.
What a difference from one year to another:

Last Christmas, we woke up at 5AM to board a bus at 6AM to start the 4 hour drive to the city of Maoming to visit Regan's orphanage, the Maonan Social Welfare Institute. It was an emotional day filled with sights I will never forget. Please remember all the children living in orphanages who have not found their forever families.

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