Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Regan's First "Official" Hair Cut

For some time Regan's hair has been driving me bonkers. It was very uneven on the back of her head where she had alot of short hair from where the orphanage had shaved her head. You could tell that right over the back she rubbed her head back and forth and caused alot of hair loss. When she first came home she would rub her head back and forth on the bed or carseat when she was upset. Her hair was thicker on top then it was on the bottom. Her hair was looking "poozly" as I call it. My problem was, "who in the world would be able to give her a hair cut when she doesn't sit still for more than one minute"? I figured she would freak out sitting in a salon chair. Today, I sat and looked at her hair and couldn't deal with it anymore. So, I had the brilliant (said sarcastically) idea that I would just cut it myself. Now, why did I think this? I'm not a hair dresser. I have never cut a head of hair in my life, if you don't count her bang trims that I do as she runs past me. I removed the back of her high chair and created a salon in the living room.

My plan was just to trim a little bit and then if it was an absolute disaster I would call my hairdresser (who I haven't seen since before China, but then we'll tackle my hair another day). Problem number one was that she turned her head during one of my first cuts and about two inches of hair fell off. So my brilliant plan just went down the toilet because now she doesn't have enough hair to salvage a hair cut unless we give her a buzz cut. Oh, well I thought, it will grow back and I proceeded to do the best I could.

The good news is that her hair already looks healthier. The bad news is that I had to take off about two inches and it is WAY shorter than I would have liked. I thought she would look cute with a bob, but she looks like a little boy! Luckily, I can dress it up with hairbows and her hair grows pretty quick. I'll let it grow a little and next time probably not push my luck and I'll let a hairdresser cut her hair!

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Tricia said...

Her haircut is ADORABLE! What a great smile. I think you did a great job!