Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Very Busy!

The last two weeks have been crazy busy! Two weekends ago, we did alot of running around and received a new pet into the house! I know, another one! Yunnie and Konnor have been fascinated with beta fish. I am not much of a fish person, I love the ones in my canal, but have had no real desire to own any as pets. Well, since Yun and Konnor love them so much we decided to get them each one as one of Konnor's birthday presents. Konnor got to pick out each beta fish. They love them! Regan points to hers every morning and says goodnight every night.

I ended up dropping one of my paper routes. We are busy every night of the week. Monday, handbell practice and church meetings. We often don't get home until 8:30 or 9. Tuesday and Wednesdays were paper routes. We don't get home until after nine! Thursdays are dog obedience until 8:30. Saturdays are Konnor's soccer. Sundays are church in the morning. It was just too much and the paper route was making unreasonable demands on my time that were interfering with my real job, and so I decided it wasn't worth it. It was so nice to have a Wednesday off just to breathe!

Last Saturday, we went to Konnor's soccer game, spent a couple hours at a church "work day" (where you come to church to help clean, landscape, etc. My mom and I worked on the nursery). We then loaded up my mom's van and headed to north Florida to help my grandparents do some yardwork. You should have seen the van! My mom, me, Konnor, Yunnie, and Jason. Then add my three dogs and my mom's three dogs and it was a crowded mess! Poor Marmie barely squeezed in the center of the van! We got to Interlachen (near Gainesville) at about 7 PM. We had to stop, but we still made good time in just about 5 hours).

On Sunday, we did alot of landscaping. "We" means my mom, grandmother and I! My brother sat inside and watched tv, but that is another story!!!! We worked on things that my grandparents were having trouble doing. Trimming trees and removing some bushes. At about 4PM, we loaded back up and headed home. We stopped and ate and didn't get back until 10 ;(

On Wednesday, we added yet another addition to the family. I was seeing one of my homebound students and we were working outside. I turned around and a rabbit hopped right up to us. I asked her mother if she recognized the rabbit as somebody's pet because it was obviously tame. She didn't but was going to ask around. I ran it home where it has been staying in a dog carrier. I didn't want to spend the money on a cage if it's home was found. There has been no claims made and so this weekend we went out and bought a cage. I didn't want the maintenance of another animal, but what do you do when it literally hops right up to you?!?!?!? I am such a sucker and this is what got me in trouble when I worked at the vet's office!

Konnor has had a great week! He was star student. He was so excited! He passed two sight word tests right after receiving them and is now on list ten. I am amazed at he and his classmates ability to read, only being in kindergarten! I volunteer on Thursday mornings for a couple of hours and make my work day a late day. I love being in the classroom. The kids are a hoot! He is reading books on an AR level of 1.0 to about 1.5. He could read more, but he doesn't think he can and so he doesn't try. We don't push because we want him to love reading and not think it is a chore. I've been reading him the Magic Tree House books and my mom reads him the Andrew Lost series. Both of them are awesome series! His comprehension is really good. We went to the library this weekend to get him the Magic Tree House on CD so that he can listen in the car or on his CD player when I'm not available to read to him or if he wants to listen again. He is also loving some of Beverly Clearly's books on CD. Konnor also found out that he made drama club at school. They held auditions two weeks ago. I'm not quite sure how he made it, but he is excited so we are glad he did! He had to audition as the part of Grumpy, one of the seven dwarfs. He was the most cheerful Grumpy I had ever seen! It will be fun for him to hang out and be with friends and work on the behind the scenes work. Anyway, enough of my rambling, it is time to go clean up this house! This very crowded house! ;)

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