Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Four Years Ago Today

I became an official mommy to the most beautiful, perfect, amazing, sassy little girl! On the 19th of December 2006, I first held Nan Zi Yun in my arms and she became my "Yunnie". On the 20th, it became official as I signed the papers and put my thumbprint on the papers that recognized legally that we were mommy and daughter.

Today, her most common nickname is Bop although she is also known as Big Boppa Flip Floppa, Baby Bop, Pippity Pop, Pip, Pip Pop, Doodle, Poppin, Yuncakes, etc, etc, etc. I'll never forget her two year old teacher coming to me very concerned that Regan did not recognize her name when she would call for "Regan". When Regan was asked her name, she would respond that her name was Doodle. I laughed when her teacher told me this story and did not share her concern! Regan rarely heard herself called by given name and therefore insisted it was not her name! At the same time, she also called me "Becky" because that is what Konnor calls me......again, just a phase and I was not concerned! So funny now because her teachers often call her "Raygee" or "RayRay" and have also nicknamed her a gagillion names!

I think it is amazing that God placed the most perfect little girl in my arms. She is a little Mommy's girl and I love her so much it hurts. My life is so perfect because she is in it.......I love this girl!!! I'll have to get a picture of her in her 'Gotcha Day " clothes and try to get them to post, but for now here is what I wrote on the one year anniversary:

The happiness I feel in this photo is unbelievable!

Still grinning like an idiot.

Little did I know, but I needed to appreciate this moment very, very, very much because for the next 11 months, Regan going to sleep and sleeping peacefully would not happen very often!

My first glimpse of her "aren't I clever smirk"!

I had to take the required picture in her "gotcha" clothes! She still fits (wish I could say the same for the clothes I wore that day!!!)

Here it is again! Her little smile!!

Warning: Sappy, dramatic posting from an emotional mommy ;)

One year ago today, I was given the most precious gift anyone can ever receive. In my arms was placed a red-faced, sweaty, slight odorous ;), bug bitten, but oh so beautiful and miraculous gift. I met my daughter, Regan NanZiYun. I have been thinking back more and more as this anniversary approached. Part of me rejoices for this day and yet the happiness is a little tainted because the coming months would bring such horror. I can't think of one without the other. December 19th, 2006 was the most amazing day of my life, but I think the day I will truly celebrate is the day my daughter was given to me again...the day she graduated from the hospital.

But, enough of the melodrama....only happy thoughts today! I remember the moment Yunnie was placed in my arms and I felt the weight of her and it became real. I began crying like a baby. She was smiling from the first moment and was thriving in the attention (it would all hit the fan a few days later !!!). I look at her now and think how blessed I am that I was chosen to be her mommy. She is such a funny, loving, active little girl with such a spunky personality! I can't even begin to describe how much I love my little girl, but it is the most amazing feeling.

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