Regan and I Are a Family!!

Shepherd, Regan, and I Are a Family!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

My blogger friend, Amy, has tagged me, and I"m sorry it has taken me so long to finally get it together and answer the questions! I have never been tagged before, so this is a first!

5 Things I was doing 10yrs ago:

1. Let's see, 10 years ago I had just turned 23 (I had to think about that for a second!!) so I was in my first semester of Physical Therapy School. We started that summer.

2. I was working as a rehabiliation technologist making beans for money and so I also waitressed (Chili's - loved me that chip drawer that got my rear end expanding!) and worked at the vet's office (where I proceeded to try and adopt every stray animal that came through until I finally had to say "no more").

3. I was dating a guy that I had been going out with since I was 19.

4. I was driving my most favorite car - a black Del Sol, you know....the ones where the roof came off and it stored in the trunk. My little two seater stick shift that I loved, loved, loved. Several months later and a month before it was paid off, it got totaled.

5. Meeting new friends and starting a whole new avenue in life, and really enjoying college. About a year later, my new found life led to the extinction of the above referenced number 3 as he was the jealous, cheating type.

5 Things on my list to do today???

1. Clean this house!

2. Mow the lawn!

3. Fill out some paperwork forms

4. Call the state of Florida to see about getting a medicaid number so that I can treat patients privately (dorfus, computer illiterate me managed to lock up my application so that I can't move forward).

5. Research mini crabs as that it the next animal I think Regan would enjoy. We love watching them at the local PetSmart!! I love that Regan loves animals as much as I do!

5 Favorite snack foods????

1. Only five, what snack food isn't a favorite?!?!? Okay, let's see: cupcakes, homemade not the store bought ones

2. Cheetos, the puffy kind

3. Cheesecake

4. I am currently hooked on Chick-o-sticks

5. Sour Starburst

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire????

1. Be a stay at home mom, I so desperately want to stay home with Regan, but seeing as how I am the only income I"m thinking that isn't a possiblity!

2. Take care of all my family's financial needs and let us all be debt free and move out to the country

3. Adopt another child or two (special needs)

4. Set up a fund for spaying and neutering animals and fund no kill shelters for all animals

5. Set up a scholarship fund for needy children

5 Places I have lived????

1. Sad to say, I was born and raised in Lee County and have only lived in three homes my entire life - one in Fort Myers, One in Alva, and now in Cape Coral.

I would move in a second if Konnor's mom didn't live down here. My whole family would probably move further north, the Carolina's, Tennesee or Denver would be my choice!

I am now supposed to tag five people, but can only think of four, so I tag:

1. Tricia

2. Carolyn

3. Anna

4. Darolyn, but since she is currently in China, she is allowed to take awhile to get back with us!!


Jeff and Amy said...

Very interesting, and what a wonderful heart you have. I PROMISE when we are in Florida this next March, God willing, I want to meet up!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks for the tag! :)

Anna said...

I saw you tag and updated finally!

Kristi said...

Nice to "meet" you! I'm excited to have another blog to follow. Thanks for offering to record that NG special. I would be forever in your debt!

I'm excited that you are thinking about adopting from India. Have you made your final decision yet?

Your daughter Regan is gorgeous. She is almost the exact same age as Daya.

Let me know if it works to record that, I'll send you the shipping $. A friend of mine send me a dvd the other day from Kentucky and it was under $2 I think. My e-mail address is

;) Kristi